Income Mantra


What is Income Mantra

Building a successful business requires efforts and commitment but at the same time it is not difficult if you follow some basic guidelines. The fundamental concept that you should incorporate into your Maxgrow business is sponsoring.

Sponsoring Business Associates and Farmers

You as an associate of Maxgrow family get an opportunity to introduce new associates/farmers into the business. You will benefit from the multiplier effect of recruiting because the people you sponsor, in turn will sponsor more and more people themselves and as they build and expand their network, your income will grow automatically. The best way to bring others into business is by first making a list of all the people you know in the country. Keep adding to the list regularly. You are having such Products which are Agro based and our country's backbone is agriculture. Out of 105 crore population of country 70% are farmers who are going to use your products in near future. Do not get unnecessarily worried or disturbed about negative responses. Never assume that people will not be interested or give you negative responses. Approach every one you know. Do not prejudge a person.

Be convincing and enthusiastic, when you tell people about the Maxgrow business opportunity. The more excited and enthusiastic you sound, the more interest you will generate. Simply set an appointment. Do not try to explain the business opportunity over the telephone. Experience has shown that prospects must see the opportunity to fully understand it. If a prospect should ask for details, say something like "I will tell all about it, when we get together. It is impossible to talk about it over the phone. I think it is better, if we meet in person."